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About The Revenue Acceleration Playbook

The most powerful driver of revenue acceleration is not your product, your sales execution, or your marketing positioning.  It is how well you help buyers and customers define value for themselves.

Anchoring on buyer-defined value accelerates revenue performance at every single step of the buyer or customer journey.  Adopting this simple rule of thumb is your path to top performance.


Buyers and customers are hungry for authenticity!

An Authentic Conversation lets your buyer define valueThe buyer journey has fundamentally changed. Today’s buyers have almost unlimited information about vendors, products and competitors from websites, peer reviews, and social media. So much so that it’s often overwhelming.

What buyers want more than anything in this environment is an authentic, personalized buyer journey that cuts through information overload to help them focus on their key goals and priorities.

Yet, most companies continue to pitch their product or their company story in ways that increase information overload, decrease authenticity and lead to buyer disengagement.

This book introduces a simple, go-to-market framework in which authentic conversations anchor every single sales, marketing, and customer success interaction, by putting your buyer goals first, your product second to create engagement, personalization, and momentum.

Grounded in practical application, the book draws on more than twenty successful company examples to show how an authentic buyer journey can improve all your revenue outcomes. It leads to more new opportunities, more won opportunities, higher account values and deeper segment growth.


About the Author

When I started my career as a revenue leader, after 10 years as an academic at Stanford and the RAND Corporation, I turned to my friends in business for help. I needed to find resources on go-to-market strategy, market positioning, and sales execution.

The resources they shared were all about the product – positioning, pricing, promoting and selling a product or service. I remember thinking – “This product-oriented selling really does not work for me. What about the customer and what they care most about?”

So, I went back to how I as an academic led qualitative interviews with business leaders – always start with what is in it for them, always recap and speak to their areas of value, always confirm next steps.

In applying these simple principle to revenue leadership, I invented the authentic buyer journey and a created a better approach to growth.

Supplementary Resources

Learn here how to implement each play in The Revenue Acceleration Playbook with summary overview, video explanation, and then a step-by-step guide.

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Revenue Leader Stories

You can read here examples of some of the more than 20 revenue leader stories in the book that show how an authentic buyer journey leads to faster growth.

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