Journey Personalization

Achieve 2x to 2.5x faster growth than peers with personalized buyer journeys.

Many buyers feel overwhelmed by the volume of information available from websites, social media, vendor outreach, peer, and product review sites. It is difficult to consume let alone make sense of all of this information. That’s why companies that are good at speaking to personal value across the buyer and customer journey grow 2x to 2.5x faster than peers.


Journey Personalization


Gauge your readiness for journey personalization with our diagnostic checklist covering your most important indicators for success:

  • Shared Value Props and ICPs
  • Website and Content Personalization
  • Personalization through Intent Data
  • Demand Gen Personalization
    "I've never seen as simple and powerful an approach to revenue growth" - David Meerman Scott

    Our Services
    How We Can Help

    Core Processes and Skills Developed

    • Value prop identification and ideal customer alignment to establish differentiation
    • Personalized story-telling based on buyer’s goals, role or market segment and establish 
    • Connecting buyer journey across your website, demand gen efforts, and sales conversations
    • Creating content to enable personalized sales and customer success teams
    • Amplifying content themes across multiple content types and channels
    • Building a content strategy across TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU engagement.

    Sales Personalization
    Our Packages

    Buyer Journey Jumpstart

    • 10 weeks of consulting and coaching
    • Weekly sessions session with marketing and product marketing teams
    • Personalization Playbooks with value props for your ICP buyer goals, roles, and market
    • Content Playbooks & content strategy audit including review of 
      • Core content assets, 5 to 6, by buyer goal, role, and market segment
      • Content mix across blogs, stories, ebooks, infographics, podcasts, etc
      • Content hierarchy connecting TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU engagement
      • Connected content across the website to demand gen campaigns

    Buyer Journey Transformation

    • 7+ months of consulting and coaching, 30-day deliverables and termination option
    • All of the deliverables with the Journey Playbook Jumpstart
    • Weekly session with marketing and product marketing teams
    • Demand gen personalization through review, plan, deploy and iterate cycle
      • Intent data model across website, dark web and demand gen campaigns
      • Demand gen measurement across engagement, SQL production, and Closed Won deals
      • Cross-team library of digital, outbound, reference campaigns assets
      • Demand gen testing with two week sprints, monthly and quarterly plans 
    • Optional:  On-going content product for marketing and sales enablement

    Journey Personalization
    Insights and Expertise

    Personalization is Key for a Compelling Brand Experience

    Your brand isn’t just about your company’s identity anymore. It’s about your buyer’s journey. A powerful brand identity alone won’t guarantee success in today’s market. Today’s buyers crave personalization. And, if you’re not personalizing your brand experience in every buyer interaction, any initial engagement will quickly fade.

    Content Journeys on Your Website

    There’s a content tsunami out there. 91% of companies are producing more content, but only 30% have a defined buyer journey that motivates this content. The foundation of any content strategy is a personalized content journey. To engage and keep them engaged, buyers need to hear you speak to them personally, again and again.


    From Content Marketing to Content Strategy

    Transform your content strategy to transform buyer interactions. Shift from disconnected assets to a seamless value-based content pathway that connects your website to your sales content and amplifies to guide the buyer journey.

    Journey Personalization Training
    Sample Plays

    Team Performance

    Old vs. New Buyer Journey 

    Rather than focus on your product, help your buyers understand how your product helps them increase revenue, reduce costs, decrease usage of staff or capital resources, reduce risk, or change a key process or experience. This approach aligns your product with their goals, emphasizing its importance in their journey to success.

    Team Performance

    Content Pathway 

    Organize content not as individual assets but as content pathways aligned to key buyer goals, role or market segment. Content pathways connect the buyer journey on value across marketing, sales, and success.

    Team Performance

    Success Story Matrix 

    Create a library of success stories by use case and industry that can be adapted for your presentations and content. Help your team to keep the same narrative in every sales call. 

    Success Story

    “Without having a common playbook, it was going to take us a long time to figure out how to unify the teams. We were pretty fragmented in our messaging across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success. It was hurting our net new and cross-sell revenue growth.”

    Phil Charland, Chief Revenue Officer, SchoolStatus