About Winalytics

Our passion is helping teams take their growth game to the next level. We find, advance, and close more of your best buyers faster with an agile growth method that leverages co-developed revenue playbooks, data-driven growth insights and on-going growth execution support.

We have a track record of achieving gains of 35%-40% in key growth KPIs. We have used our agile growth method to support start-ups and early growth companies in building a repeatable revenue model as well as growth stage and public companies on SDR and Sales Team Performance.

Winalytics Four Core Values


Growth Mindset:

We value curiosity, intentional questioning, coachability, and an ability to quickly adapt.

Evidence-Based Decisions:

We lead with clear process, use data to set goals and tactics, drive goal achievement through process, work to model consistency and repeatability.

Performance Oriented:

We value a high drive for results, a continual focus on outcomes, identifying, repeating and share successes as well as learning from failures.

Collaborative Leadership:

We set clear goals, solicit multiple perspectives and inputs, synthesize inputs, and commit to next gets and next steps.