Renewal and Customer Success Plays

There are more than three dozen plays in a fully developed Revenue Acceleration Playbook. Every single play you put in place will have a positive impact on your revenue outcomes.

A good Closing and Expansion Playbook aligns the buyer, sales, and customer success teams around phases in unlocking buyer value. It can raise first-year account values more than 20% by increasing the value of initial closed deals and speed up the timeframe to expansion sales.

Onboarding Calls


The onboarding call is used to kick off a new business relationship. Onboarding calls should start by revising the Mutual Success Plan to re-confirm all buyer goals and their order of priority. The rest of the onboarding call can then focus on tactical issues around planning out training and implementation.

Business Review Call


The business review call focuses on the status of the account, level of utilization, and opportunities to improve. The goal for a business review call should be to roll up from tactical, ongoing support to connect back to the customer’s business goals. The calls need to be used to connect the senior level players or economic buyers.

Account Renewal Scorecard


The account renewal scorecard gives a quick snapshot about account health, talking points for progress toward the customer’s goals, and notes about any conversations concerning renewal. It covers user activity, key account KPIs, satisfaction scores, and customer training activities.

Promoter Call


The promoter call focuses first, of course, on confirming that a renewal is on track. The focus then goes back to a company’s value narrative to look for opportunities to harness the promoter energy to support expansion into the promoter’s organization as well as into peer organizations.

Utilization Call


The utilization call is designed to secure higher levels of usage and satisfaction. The focus is diagnosing and fixing the reasons a customer may not be fully using a product or service to the highest level possible. There may have been an undetected mismatch in the sales process or a gap in the training, implementation, or onboarding process.

Detractor Call


The detractor call is designed to re-engage a dissatisfied customer. It should start by acknowledging that things are not going well. It can then move to reconfirming the buyer’s purchase goals and finding “low hanging” ways to move toward these goals. It should also focus on identifying internal users most likely to become supporters.