Value-Based Customer Expansion

Expansion revenue costs one-quarter as expensive as net new revenue.

Price Intelligently has shown that on average new revenue costs $1.13 vs. $.27 for customer expansion.  And, according to the Sales Funnel Strategist, 91% of customers are interested in repurchasing from brands that remember them.   The challenge with customer expansion is the alignment of playbooks and processes across your sales, account management, and customer success teams. .


Value-Based Expansions
Grow with Winalytics

We know how to work with Sales, Account Management and Customer Success Teams on playbooks, process and skills development.  It is our unique competency in building cross-team processes and skills that makes our customer expansion strategies so effective.

Our Services
How We Can Help

Timeframe & Deliverable

  • 3 months of upsell training and coaching
  • Account Expansion Playbooks for your company, market, buyers
  • Bi-weekly team training sessions
  • Bi-weekly pair or small group coaching

Specific Topics Covered

  • Creating a Mutual Success Plan to link sales, success, and expansion activities
  • Using Expansion Discovery to surface expansion opportunities
  • Building expansion opportunity velocity with social proof and expansion hooks
  • Creating an ABM Strategy to connect buyers and buying units
  • Aligning Account Plan to business segmentation and priorities

Value-Based Expansions
Insights and Expertise

Holistic ABM

The growing importance of hyper-personalized buyer experiences in B2B companies makes the role of account-based marketing increasingly important. So a strategic shift that connects marketing, sales, account management, and customer success is needed to improve revenue growth and streamline the buyer journey.

Land with Your Endgame in Mind

The key to expanding much faster and more effectively is to think of prospecting campaigns as part of your business objectives. Even if the first deal is small at first, you will already have a clear path to expand more easily in the future.

Value-Based Expansions
Sample Plays

Team Performance

Mutual Success Plan

A Mutual Success Plan captures and prioritizes a buyer’s goals to help Sales close faster around top priorities and set up Customer Success to renew and expand around all of a customer’s potential goals.  It keeps Sales and CS all working from the same information.

Team Performance

Expansion Discovery

Expansion discovery is different from sales discovery.  It should always start with “success to date” to suggest and introduce expansion opportunities.  The best expansion discovery also uses social proof and expansion hooks.

Team Performance

Authentic Account Plans

A traditional account plan considers your customer’s goals as one of several important elements of  identifying expansion opportunities. In an authentic account plan, by contrast, the customer’s goals and the relationship network around those goals anchor all other elements of the plan.

Success Story

Once you have the foundation of a shared sales playbook, now your work on deal strategy gets a lot more pinpointed. Each deal is a little bit different, but if you have built strong skills around your foundational plays, your team has the fluency to rapidly adjust.”

Damian Jones

Senior Director of Sales and Account Management, BESLER