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K-12 Buying Theme #1

Teacher Shortage

Two years of covid has accelerated teacher burnout and teacher shortages.

44% of schools are reporting vacancies

Rate of teachers quitting is 41% higher than a year ago

K-12 educators are the most burned-out segment of the US labor force


Key Takeaway: New investments need to be made in teacher onboarding and consistent professional development.

K-12 Buying Theme #2

Learning Loss & Student Achievement

Remote learning and other stressors caused high absenteeism and learning loss.

Students are on average five months behind in mathematics and four months behind in reading, according to a McKinsey analysis 

Chronic absenteeism, a key contributor, has doubled in some districts



Key Takeaway: Learning loss recovery will require investments in at home, “flipped classroom” individualized learning.

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K-12 Buying Theme #3

Parent Partnership

Both teachers and parents want deeper engagement.

Educators recognize that outdated approaches to engagement get in the way of connecting with hard-to-reach families

85% of parents want a better understanding of their child’s progress but prefer to connect via mobile apps (35%) or text messaging (30%)


Key Takeaway: Engaged fam­i­lies lead to high­er grades, test scores, and graduation rates, but new tools are needed.

K-12 Buying Theme #4

Digital Learning & Supplemental Instruction

Schools and districts continue to double-down on digital learning and supplemental instruction.

Supplemental materials will grow from 43.9% of the total K-12 instructional materials market in 2020 to 45.7% in 2024

The main driver of this growth is the on-going necessity for teachers and parents to support more student learning at home


Key Takeaway: New digital learning and supplemental instruction investments are key to individualized learning and parent partnership.

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Success Story

“Focusing on specific buyer and customer challenges has helped us align marketing, sales and customer success as we integrate five companies.”

Phil Charland,

Chief Revenue Officer, School Status LLC

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Team Performance



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Training for Learning and Partnership

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