Data-Driven Demand Gen

Increase SQL meetings by 45%. Raise SQL progression rates by 40%.

Everyone wants more meetings with sales qualified leads, but not everyone has the skills to earn them. We help our clients learn how to leverage the right data to land more qualified leads. Our demand generation strategies work. And our clients know exactly when to share the right content to close faster.


Data-Driven Demand Gen
Grow with Winalytics

We’re not your typical demand gen company. Our demand gen playbooks, training, and coaching help our clients transform their sales performance. By leveraging our Customer Intent Optimization methodology, our clients make smarter decisions and maximize their sales enablement content. Based on the last two years of research in industry benchmarks, sales teams we coach close 40% more than their competitors by customizing their sales calls to buyer category, segment, persona, and use case.

Our Services
How We Can Help

Timeframe & Deliverables

  • 3 months of training and coaching
  • Weekly session with demand generation and prospecting team
  • Demand Gen & Prospecting Playbooks focus on your product use cases, buyer  personas, and market segments
  • Demand gen & prospecting audit
    • MQL-SQL-CW tracking
    • Tech stack and prospecting efficiency
    • Lead attribution and insight

Optional:  Monthly MQL-SQL-CW Dashboard and funnel optimization recommendations

Specific Topics Covered

  • Creating Programmatic Demand Gen with monthly/quarterly intent themes and tests
  • Converting Push Marketing strategies into  Intent-Based Marketing 
  • Optimizing outbound prospecting and integrating it with other channels
  • Using an ICP and intent data to improve lead tracking.
  • Enhancing MQL-SQL-CW tracking to improve demand generation performance.

Data-Driven Demand Gen
Insights and Expertise

The Metrics Behind Data-Driven Demand Gen

When it comes to demand generation efforts, customization at scale is key. This means focusing on value-driven messages targeted specifically to each type of buyer rather than focusing on scaling uniform messaging. 


It is necessary to differentiate Total Reachable Market (TRM) and Total Addressable Market (TAM) when creating impactful GTM strategies. TRM focuses on realistic market reach, taking into account resources, competition and intent data, assisting GTM teams in targeted efforts and buyer customization.”

Data-Driven Demand Gen
Sample Plays

Team Performance

Prospecting as a Trusted Advisor

Learn how to maximize results on any prospecting call, where we must introduce ourselves and then quickly capture attention with the information we would include in a 10-second commercial.

Team Performance

Daily Prospecting Schedule

Good prospecting mechanics are organized around daily call blocks that support consistency and time management across outbound, inbound, and content-driven campaigns.

Team Performance

Modular Sequence Templates

Improve your campaigns by using stories, snippets, peer names, and other social proof in a modularized way to personalize your value message and delivery.

Success Story

We exceeded expectations for 2022. It was about building out the sales process and new demand-gen capabilities. Without Winalytics’ expertise and support, we would still be in a trial and error mode. It might have taken us a couple of years to figure it out on our own.


Russ Jackson, Vice President of Growth Sales, NECI