Value Plays

There are more than three dozen plays in a fully developed Revenue Acceleration Playbook. Every single play you put in place will have a positive impact on your revenue outcomes.

Your Value Playbook connects your product to business value across the buyer and customer journey. It creates consistency in messaging your unique value, conducting discovery, positioning your product, sharing outcomes stories, and developing client success stories.

From Product to Buyer Value


Rather than focus on your product, help your buyers understand how your product helps them be more successful. Help your buyers understand how your product can help them to increase revenue, reduce costs, decrease usage of staff or capital resources, reduce risk, or change a key process or experience.

Value Plays and Personas​


The highest momentum in your buyer and customer conversations comes from connecting all buyer personas to the same goal. There are typically six to eight buyers in any purchasing conversation. Connect them all to the same goal while allowing that each will have a slightly different view of success.

Value Plays by Segment


Marketing teams drive faster revenue when they work with customer success teams to identify top customers in each target market and partner with these top customers to identify segment-specific goals, messaging, and language that will engage other peer buyers.

Platform Value


A platform value prop builds revenue velocity by engaging multiple buyer personas with an individual message while also connecting each persona to a shared goal. Connecting buyer personas to their shared value accelerates prospecting, deal velocity, and the land/expand motion.

Content Pathways


Do not think of content as individual content assets. Organize it into content pathways that align with specific goals and can lead step-by-step through each phase of the buyer or customer journey toward a purchase decision.

Success Story Library


Success stories can be shared verbally in a sales or customer success call to quickly build buyer confidence. A story captures a buyer challenge- solution-result in two to three sentences. Success stories can be organized in a library indexed to value plays, buyer personas, and market segments.