Deal Velocity

Anchor on Buyer Value to Close Deals Faster and Discount Less

Sellers spend 35%-40% of their time chasing poorly qualified, drifting deals with little likelihood of closing. According to InsideSales, just 28% of forecasted deals close in the same quarter they are forecasted.

The best way to accelerate deal velocity out of an early sales call is to anchor on buyer-defined goals, confirm the emotional and business payoffs to advancing these goals and let buyers self-qualify themselves toward a closed deal.

Winalytics Deal Velocity Playbook raises mid-stage deal to closed won rates by 30% or more while reducing price discounting and increasing forecast accuracy with tools to continually confirm the value of purchasing your product or service.

sales velocity

sales velocity

deal velocity

Playbook Tools

We help you build deal velocity by keeping buyer goals at the center of the stakeholder decision-making, building a mutual success plan, leading negotiations around value and confirming buyer “gets” at each step of the sales process.

Stakeholder Decision-Making


Deal momentum starts with a champion, but a purchase almost always goes through as a stakeholder group, who sales team members must lead through a process identify and prioritize together their critical goals and payoff.

Buyer Gets by Sales Stages


Sellers often focus on their own actions during the sales process, but the strongest deal qualifiers are the actions we ask buyers to take to confirm value and build buying readiness to purchase.

Payoffs Statements by Goal Area


Developing short payoff or impact statements for each buyer goal and role keeps the sales process centered around buyer goals and value and makes it easier to keep product questions, objections, and comparisons from stalling a deal.

Peer Success Cases by Goal Area


In a noisy marketing environment, short spoken success cases of the provide evidence on the value you have provide to peers in a similar organization or buying role is key to keeping all decision-makers engaged.

Mutual Success Plan


A mutual success plan can help qualify purchasing readiness and accelerate the timeframe to closed won on mid-stage deals by providing an agreed on checklist of all steps in the decision-making, negotiation, legal and purchasing processes.

Value Negotiation and Pricing


Pricing should always be positioned as an investment in value and ROI rather than as a budget cost item, and non-price concessions can be used to respond to negotiation asks while holding the line on price.