Authentic Follow Up Email

The pull back to product pitching is strong throughout the sales process. To stay focused on an authentic buyer journey, revise all your sales templates to include a recap on buyer goals and committed buyer actions.

You will differentiate your selling by starting each follow-up email by recapping the buyer’s success statement and ending the email with the buyer’s next committed actions. You can build deal velocity with authentic sales presentations and authentic proposals that present your product and pricing in the context of buyer goals and buyer success criteria.


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Why are follow up emails a great coaching tool? Listen to Bobby Coy of Activator Dealer Solutions share why he focuses coaching for his team on review of follow-up emails. “You can see the quality of a discovery call by looking at the follow up email,” he says. The best follow up emails follow the same structure. It makes clear what the win is for the buyer and what next actions the buyer has committed to.

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The goal of discovery is understanding what will make a buyer more successful rather than the superficial or shallow discovery we see so often in sales. Good discovery helps the buyer see a different and more successful future – getting to their success statement. Brent talks to Gary Ruplinger about anchoring on your buyer’s success statement throughout the life of a deal.