Path to Partnership

For mid-stage, proposal-ready deals the “last 10 minutes” of any sales call should be used create a path to partnership. The path to partnership comes into focus with an agreed on fit and scope. It’s an explicit agreement between a seller and internal champions on the steps to a close.

The anchor for the path to partnerships workplan is a target start date. The workplan focuses on the financial, legal, and technical steps in the purchasing process – who? when? what? Teams with skills for building a path to partnership have less late-stage deal breakage and improve forecast accuracy by 20% or more.


Path to PartnershipPath to Partnership

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Sean Casey with eLumen talks to Brent about developing a work backwards plan or path to partnership to improve close rates and forecasting for deals. It’s a trial close to see if your champion is really ready/able/willing to get it done, anchored on the target start date and the financial, legal, and technical steps in the purchasing process. It helped his sales team grow revenue 50% faster in the first 6 months of 2021 compared to the first 6 months of 2020.

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Most of the time our prospects are not sales people and often need help selling up to internal decision makers. Brent and Walker McKay delve into how to present the path to partnership plan and guide your prospects. It’s literally an outline of what the next steps are, who’s responsible for target dates, getting through the prospect’s procurement process, etc. – all to avoid a lot of the late-stage pitfalls that can kill deals.