“The follow up email doesn’t lie. You either learned these things in the meeting or not.”

Listen to Bobby Coy of Activator Dealer Solutions explain why he finds follow-up emails such a powerful tool to review and coach on discovery calls.

The best discovery meetings follow a similar sequence and flow. They start with the buyer’s why:

>>>  What goal is leading them to talk to you?

>>>  What are they hoping to accomplish?

Then, they move to a tailored discussion of your specific product capabilities that map to that buyer’s goal and end by securing buyer commitments to action and a next meeting:

>>>  Which capabilities map the best to the buyer’s goals?

>>>  What customer success stories offer the best evidence for this buyer?

>>> Will the buyer commit to a next meeting date and bring in other decision-makers?

The best follow-up emails follow the same structure.

They start with a buyer success statement, offer a short summary on aligned capabilities, and then end with a committed next step along with the next meeting date.

As Bobby says, “You can see the quality of a discovery call in about 60 seconds by looking at what is captured and not captured in the follow-up email.”