Scalable Growth

Raise deal velocity to closed won by 30% while increasing account value by 20%+

Many growth stage companies rely too heavily on individual performers and have not developed a scalable growth model across sales, marketing, and customer success. The absence of a scalable growth model hurts new opportunity generation, deal win rates, and account values while also causing high levels of team performance variation.

scalable growth

Winalytics helps growth stage companies build scalable growth with:

  • Value Pathways that create an integrated approach to positioning buyer value and qualifying buyer goals across sales, marketing, and customer success
  • Discovery Process Playbooks that organize discovery calls around buyers goals and payoffs, mapping capabilities to goals, and building a decision roadmap
  • Deal Velocity Playbooks that leverage buyer payoffs to build deal momentum, map decision-making to a close, and supporting negotiations
  • Upsell and Success Cycle Playbooks that accelerate the pace of the land and expand by continually prioritizing buyer goals and payoffs
  • Dynamic Skills Development though direct application of playbooks, team training and learning sessions, and individual skills coaching

Weeks to Better Growth Execution

Winalytics help better growth execution in weeks. In 90- to 120-days teams see higher deal velocity to close, faster land and expand, and higher account values.

Commit to a Scalable Growth Model.

Focus on a scalable growth model and dynamic skills development across prospecting, sales, and customer success

Traditional Growth

Revenue Organization
Three revenue cultures, three department dynamics

Growth Tactics
– Marketing driven positioning
– Department playbooks
– Department activity measurement

– Lower deal conversion to won
– Higher discounting
– Less upselling 

Winalytics Growth

Revenue Organization
Three revenue cultures, one revenue organization

Growth Tactics
– Buyer value pathways
– Cross-department playbooks
– Value velocity measurement

– Higher deal conversion to won
– Larger account value
– Faster upselling
– Faster peer referrals

Why Growth Leaders Love Winalytics

“Before Winalytics developed a repeatable sales model we had just one consistent producer. After Winalytics we had broad sales team strength which lead to more consistent sales production and revenue predictability.”

Mike Sweet

“We were in the process of building a sales ‘cookbook’ to scale our sales efforts and team. Winalytics brought dedicated focus and expertise to dramatically accelerate this process.”

Mark Atkinson

“Winalytics transformed our sales messaging and buyer qualification to help us achieve a critical mass of customers in the 4-year public university segment.”

Drew Magliozzi
CEO & Co-Founder