Upsell & Success Cycle

Use Buyer Goals to Expand Account Value Quicker

The easiest way to secure a renewal, upsell or referral introduction is to knock the ball out of the park on a customer’s goals and desired improvement. Yet, customer success teams can lose focus on goals and default to training and implementation.

The best way to keep focus on goals and targeted improvements is build the entire success cycle around these outcomes. The transition from sales to customer success focused on Mutual Success Plan and then onboarding and account strategy calls should lead with resetting on target goals and goal achievement.

Winalytics Customer Success & Upsell Playbook helps increase account value quicker with tools to manage the success cycle around buyer goals and deepens your target segment footprint by creating new referral introductions.

upsell training

upsell training

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Playbook Tools

We help you deepen account values and expand your market footprint in target market segments by leading customer success interactions with a focus on buyer goals and targeted payoffs.

Mutual Success Plan


A mutual success plan not helps focus and accelerate the timeline on initial closed sales but aligns sales team and customer success around buyer goals by prioritizing immediate areas of Phase II focus and later areas for Phase II focus.

Goal-Oriented Success Cycle


When customer success teams build a goal-oriented success cycle that anchors all on-boarding calls, account review calls, renewal calls on buyer goals that not only increase their renewal rate but also generate more upsell opportunities.

Customer Onboarding Call


The customer onboarding call sets the arc of the customer relationship and it should be used to confirm key Phase I goal areas and specific desired impacts as well as to jointly identify the timeframe to revisit Phase II goals and target payoffs.

Account Review Call


The account review calls should link directly to a mutual success plan to confirm progress on Phase I goals and payoffs, continue discovery on new Phase II goal areas, and identify new influencers and decision makers around Phase II goals.

Renewal Calls


Leading a goal-oriented success cycle makes it easier to use renewal calls to deepen overall account value around new goal areas as well as to ask happy customers for references, testimonials and success stories.

Buyer Voice by Segment


Customer success teams drive faster and more strategic growth when they move work on individual account renewals and upsells to partner with marketing on building a buyer voice by target market with segment-specific goals, messaging, and language.