Platform Value

In these brief interview excerpts, Brent Keltner talks with podcast hosts and revenue leaders about the plays from The Revenue Acceleration Playbook  and shares how successful revenue leaders have implemented these strategies to have more authentic conversations with buyers that uncover buyer value and drive growth.

A platform value prop build revenue velocity by engaging multiple buyer personas with a message specific to them but also connecting to a shared goal across the institution.

A platform value prop helps with prospecting productivity it create have multiple paths into a target account. It builds deal velocity because a stakeholder or decision group come together with a sense a shared goal or common purpose.
Connecting buyer personas around a platform value prop is also a great way to identify expansion opportunities.

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How do you prospect and sell to multiple buyers in an account while also connecting each buyer to an overall value proposition for the enterprise? Listen to Sujay Darji of Anthology share how his teams, who sell to higher education institutions, address the concerns of Admissions, IT, Student Success and other offices on campus while connecting the goals of individual buyers to shared goals across an institution.

Hear how this Play helps build revenue velocity

How do you develop a platform value prop in an enterprise organization with many stakeholders? In this excerpt from Cience’s Enterprise Sales Development podcast, Brent explains how a platform value prop means linking value for individual stakeholders together with overall value for an organization.