Content Pathways

In these brief interview excerpts, Brent Keltner talks with podcast hosts and revenue leaders about the plays from The Revenue Acceleration Playbook  and shares how successful revenue leaders have implemented these strategies to have more authentic conversations with buyers that uncover buyer value and drive growth.

Do not think of content as individual content assets. Organize it into content pathways that align with specific goals and can lead step-by-step through each phase of the buyer or customer journey toward a purchase decision.

Content pathways should be specific to buyer goals and phases of the buyer journey. Content pathways support collaboration between marketing, sales, and customer success. They also reduce friction in the buyer and customer journey. The repetition of themes, language, and content across phases of the journey helps educate your buyers on how to buy from you.

Content Pathway WorksheetContent Pathway Worksheet

Sample the Play

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How do you create a seamless buyer-to-customer journey? A lot of companies talk about it, but very few companies do this well. Adam Ellingson of CeriFi says the key is to be intentional about designing the buyer journey. Listen as he shares how his team educates their buyers about capability gaps to achieving their goals through every stage of the buyer journey.

Hear how this Play helps build revenue velocity

Buyers often experience disjointed transitions when engaging with marketing, then sales then customer success teams. How do you make sure your organization is speaking with one voice? In this conversation with noted business author David Meerman Scott, Brent discusses how to smooth out the buyer journey using “content pathways” that align with each of your key value plays.