SDR Performance

Increase by 45% the number of quality 1st meetings and raise 1st to 2nd meeting progression rates by 40%

In prospecting to 1st meetings, many teams rely too heavily on product messaging and email blasts while also struggling to maintain a steady volume of outbound activity.

Winalytics drives more high quality 1st meetings to build the front of your pipeline with:

  • Prospecting playbooks that position value, support high impact SDR work and stronger 1st meeting qualification
  • Prospecting execution with SDR coaching and embedded SDRs to drive more high quality 1st meetings
  • Prospecting insight to identify the fastest path by segment and buyer role to more 1st meetings with your best buyers
  • On-going prospecting impact with a process and software to pace campaigns, reinforce high impact practice, and measure outcomes

Weeks to more high quality 1st calls

Embedded SDRs show path to higher prospecting productivity in weeks. Our prospecting process optimizes team productivity in 90- to 120-days.

Value Pathways:

Identify your top buyer outcomes, ROI & a differentiated value prop

Prospecting Playbook & Tests:

Use 8-touch email, call, vmail campaigns to run market tests

Prospecting Execution:

Drive and run 1st calls to test messages by market segment and buyer role

1st Meeting Playbook:

Qualify 1st meetings with critical goals, goal discovery, and a buying roadmap

Prospecting Skills:

Ongoing SDR coaching builds skills and confidence to drive 1st meetings

Prospecting Insights:

Prospecting and 1st call KPIs identify best buyers by segment and role

Ongoing Prospecting impact:

Prospecting process and software workflow paces campaigns, reinforces high impact practice, and measures 1st meeting quality.

90 – 120 DAYS

Commit to an Intentional Prospecting Cadence.

A disciplined focus on inviting prospects into a value-added conversation will dramatically shift your prospecting productivity.

Traditional Prospecting

Prospect Engagement
Focus on the company product & the company story

Prospecting Model
Spray & pray, high volume email cadences

Low meeting yield (1%- 2% contact to 1st meeting rate)

Winalytics Prospecting

Prospect Engagement
Focus on known buyer challenges, outcomes, and ROI

Sales Model
Invitation to a value-added conversation across 8- to 10-touches

High meeting yield (7% -8% contact to 1st meeting rate)

Why Revenue Leaders Love Winalytics

“Winalytics moved us from a spray and pray model of prospecting under an old sales approach to a disciplined focus on agile testing and consistent 1st call execution.  We significantly increased the number and quality of our 1st calls ”

Adam Goldberg
CEO & Founder

“We increased the number and consistency of 1st meetings with Winalytics using a consistent mix of email, phone, and vmail prospecting. Tim and the team have been a welcome addition to our efforts to drive growth”

Jackie Kroeger-Donovan
VP, Sales and Customer Success