Early Funnel Performance

Increase by 45% the number of quality discovery meetings and raise discovery meeting progression rates by 40%

In prospecting to new discovery calls, many growth stages and enterprise companies rely too heavily on product messaging and email blasts while also struggling to maintain a steady volume of outbound activity.

funnel performance

Winalytics drives more high quality discovery meetings to build your front of the funnel productivity:

  • Value Pathways that create an integrated approach to positioning buyer value and qualifying buyer goals across sales, marketing, and customer success
  • Content Strategy Playbook that organizes buyer insights, case study snippets, segment footprints and blogs around buyer value pathway
  • Prospecting Playbook that organize prospecting around buyer goals and mixed prospecting cadence that combine phone, voicemail, email and social touches
  • Prospecting skills coaching and joint execution to build and model that skills that drive more high quality discovery meetings
  • Prospecting velocity measurement to identify the fastest path to more high quality discovery meetings by value pathway, market segment and buyer role

Weeks to more high quality discovery calls

Intentional prospecting shows a path to higher prospecting productivity in weeks. Our prospecting process optimizes team productivity in 90- to 120-days.

Prospecting as a Trusted Advisor and Market Sleuth

Invite prospects into a value-added conversation on their goals and continually measure what works.

Traditional Prospecting

Prospecting Messaging
Focus on the company product and the company story

Prospecting Tactics
– High volume, spray and pray
– Email driven cadences
– Measure opens and clicks

Prospecting Results
Low meeting yield (1%-2% contact to discovery meeting rate)

Winalytics Prospecting

Prospecting Messaging
Focus on buyer goals, challenges, and potential payoffs

Prospecting Tactics
– Invitation to value-added call
– Mixed touch cadences
– Measure # of discovery meetings

Prospecting Results
High meeting yield (6%-8% contact to discovery meeting rate)

Why Revenue Leaders Love Winalytics

“Winalytics added a direct prospecting model onto our demand gen programs, inviting campus decision-makers at multiple levels into a pilot program opportunity. The contributed to Hypothesis blowing through an aggressive goal for the number of pilot campuses.”

Nate Angell
Marketing Director

“Winalytics moved us from a spray and pray model of prospecting under an old sales approach to a disciplined focus on agile testing and consistent 1st call execution.  We significantly increased the number and quality of our 1st calls ”

Adam Goldberg
CEO & Founder

“We increased the number and consistency of 1st meetings with Winalytics using a consistent mix of email, phone, and vmail prospecting. Tim and the team have been a welcome addition to our efforts to drive growth”

Jackie Kroeger-Donovan
VP, Sales and Customer Success