Revenue Acceleration By Anchoring on Buyer Goals

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Value Pathways & Revenue Outcomes

Winalytics helps clients accelerate revenue growth with a go-to-market framework called value pathways that anchors every single buyer interaction on buyer goals first, product second.

Value pathways create an overarching approach to buyer value creation that can be embedded in your sales, marketing, and customer playbooks. Starting with buyers goals, rather than your product, leads to higher quality execution within and across each of your three revenue teams.

Committing value pathways that put buyer goals first, product second at each step of the buyer journey leads to four desirable revenue outcomes.

  • More quality new opportunities by engaging new buyers with insights not product pitches
  • More won opportunities by starting and ending every buyer conversation on goals and payoffs
  • Higher account values by reducing discounting and shortening the time upsell expansions
  • Faster segment growth by selling forward peer success and goal achievement

What Our Clients Say


Your Discovery Talk Track Might Suck

Your Discovery Talk Track Might Suck

Too many of us suck at discovery. That’s my conclusion from a couple decades of observing and participating in sales conversations. We often see reps asking high-level questions about goals and priorities. Questions like: “What are your main objectives for this year?”...

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