Stories sell! If you do not have customer stories personalized to your main buyer segments, it will block your growth.

This is growth blocker #2 that my colleague Eric Rudolf and I identified in our conversation on the 10 most common blockers preventing tech businesses from scaling from $1M to $10M in revenue.   

You can see the full list of 10 here at the first post in the Scaling from $1M to $10M series.

Compelling customer stories are often overlooked. Customer stories and case studies are only the 4th most common type of content.

They are overlooked because unlike blogs, infographics, or eBooks you need to work with your customers. But the narrative in your customer stories is a cornerstone for growth. 

They infuse your brand with authenticity and give GTM leaders the power to shape perception among prospective customers.

Leveraging customer stories isn’t just about showcasing past victories—it’s a strategic move that fosters value alignment and fuels consistent growth. 

Customer stories are the only content asset that shifts the conversation from “me and you” to “we.” 

Rather than holding a vendor at arm’s length, customer stories turn you into a peer, collaborator, and trusted adviser. You, both, are looking for solutions to a shared problem.

Customer stories are also the only asset that can be versioned for any part of the buyer journey.  

They offer top of the funnel testimonials and video snippets, middle of the funnel stories that support self-solutioning, and bottom of the funnel full case studies that build credibility.  

By integrating these narratives into your positioning and content, you create a story and potential path that will resonate with your audience. 

Customer stories can bridge the gap between perception and reality, turning satisfied clients into your most persuasive advocates. Let your customers help you narrate your success story. 

Join us as we continue to explore the blockers that keep companies from scaling from $1M to $10M, how to overcome them, and help illuminate the path to scaling success.