Getting to $1M in revenue is a major milestone. Less than 1 in 20 companies (just 5%) ever achieve the product market fit and market presence to reach this revenue threshold.

But scaling from $1M is even more challenging, with less than 1 in 200 companies (.5%) ever getting into this rarefied air. So what are the growth blockers that prevent emerging companies from reaching the next revenue stage and how do we overcome them?

In a recent conversation with my colleague Eric Rudolf, a highly sought after Fractional CMO and Go-to-Market (GTM) accelerator specializing in emerging companies, we identified 5 of the most common issues that prevent businesses from scaling and 5 strategies to help businesses scale from $1M to $10M in annual revenue.   

We are launching a 10-post series that will focus on one of our key insights per post. Here’s a sneak peek into our upcoming posts, not necessarily listed in order of importance:

Five Marketing Blockers to Growth

  1. No internal alignment on value proposition
  2. Overinvestment in one marketing channel
  3. Lack of a thought leadership effort
  4. No marketing support for channel efforts
  5. Inability to measure ROI from marketing investments

Five Sales Blockers Strategies for Growth 

  1. Not capturing your best customer stories to personalize in each sales call
  2. Focusing sales on all customers, instead of your IDEAL customers
  3. Not building a shared sales process, it leads closing and forecasting to suffer
  4. Lack of shared sales playbooks to capture and share best team practices
  5. Failing to practice sales skills all the time.  Every market is very competitive

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