Your ego has many costs.  

For sales and customer success teams, the biggest cost is revenue.

The more you make your conversations about you, your company, and your product, the more you will lose new logo deals, renewals, and expansion opportunities.

The more you make your conversations about your buyer or customer, and their why, the more you win. Find multiple buyers or customer whys and you will win even faster.

It really is that simple.  

And, one easy way to get everyone to put their egos on hold — the Mutual Success Plan.

The mutual success plan transitions a new logo deal closed by the Sales team to the Customer Success team for onboarding.  

Its purpose is to write down and then prioritize all of the customers’ goals and reasons for working with you — what is most important, next most important, and so on.

It lives on a shared drive or as an attachment at the account level in the CRM, so everyone on the Sales and the Customer Success teams have the same information.

And, here is the beauty of the Mutual Success Plan — it doesn’t lie!!

If Sales does not know why a customer closed or has only identified a single customer goal, it’s most likely because they ran the sales process with their ego in the lead.

If Customer Success does not come back to the customer why during onboarding and quarterly business reviews, it’s likely because they are running the process with their ego in the lead.

Our brains are wired for self-preservation — which means we often default to putting our ego in the lead.  

When we put our buyers and customers first during a Sales and Customer Success process, we all win faster. A Mutual Success Plan reminds us to make this mental shift.

Learn more and download a Mutual Success Plan Play here.