Mutual Success Plan

If you get good at executing a mutual success plan that focuses on immediate needs while not losing sight of other goals, you will close more deals and expand accounts faster.

Mutual success requires a good planning process to align your buyer, sales team, and account management or customer success team around identifying and prioritizing all of your buyer’s goal areas.

Mutual Success Plan InfographicMutual Success Plan Infographic

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Discovery is key to uncovering the many business goals and challenges that your product can help your potential customer solve. Those challenges may be numerous, explains Ellen Mayes, but to avoid a stall and not overwhelming a buyer with a heavy implementation lift, we have to help them identify the most pressing challenge or need first. It’s all about working with the customer to co-develop a mutual success plan that connects the customer, the sales team, and the customer success team.


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John Asher and Brent discuss how to increase sales velocity and account value using a mutual success plan, which allow you to go broad in your discovery calls without losing deal momentum. It helps establish immediate priorities to close your first sale with a new buyer while also identifying the pathway to future sales. Broad value discovery delivers better results as you work across multiple buyer goals to identify the most critical areas of value.