The simplest way to improve your deal velocity? Get to a buyer success statement.

Think of the success statement as your buyer’s why. It recaps in two or three sentences what will motivate your buyer to purchase from you.

A success statement leads to higher deal velocity for a few reasons:

✔️ It differentiates you – Most sales people spend way too much time on their product. You will stand out by focusing instead on your buyer’s success

✔️ It qualifies your deals – If you can’t guide a buyer to a success statement, chances are they are a tire kicker; so spend your time elsewhere

✔️ It helps you sell through – A success statement is the best way to give your champion the language and focus they need to get buy-in from their boss, VP, or a budget holder

✔️ It leads to memorable demos – Rather than aimless point-and-click demos that share dozens of features, a success statement leads to a targeted, personalized demo

So, how do you consistently get to a success statement?

Commit to better discovery!

Most sales discovery is really shallow discovery. It is a series of polite questions that never get to what the buyer cares about most and the things that will motivate a purchase.

The purpose of discovery is not really to ask questions. Questions are a tool.

The purpose of discovery is to guide your buyer to seeing a more successful future.

Think about discovery and discovery questions at three levels:

1️⃣ Goal questions – Focus on your buyer’s top current goals or priorities. What is most important in their work right now?

2️⃣ Gap questions – Explore what barriers or challenges a buyer is experiencing in making progress on their goals

3️⃣ Impact questions – Help a buyer imagine a more successful future by thinking about the specific value of closing those gaps and achieving their goals

Think about it this way:

Until you have a buyer success statement, your product doesn’t really matter at all. Focus first on your buyer’s success and the rest will take care of itself.

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