Buyer Success Statement

Good discovery goes beyond high-level questions on goals and priorities. It uses several levels of questions to help you and your buyer identify
a specific impact that could motivate a purchase.

Envisioning a more successful future different than the current state brings emotional energy into a sales conversation. The buyer success statement should be captured, refined and reiterated throughout the deal.

Starting every new sales conversation recapping and refining the buyer’s definition of success helps to avoid the pull back to product pitching.

Buyer Success Statement WorksheetBuyer Success Statement Worksheet

Sample the Play

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How do you get your buyer to tell you exactly what will lead them to purchase? Listen to Kristin Brenna at Ready Education share her strategies for helping her buyers “figure out their success statement” and envision a future ideal state or “promise land.” “Buyers don’t tell you what is going to make them successful. You have to massage that information out of them in a variety of ways.”

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The more you can anchor on what your buyer cares about, the more you can help drive mutual success for yourself and your buyer. In this excerpt from Jordan Benjamin’s Peak Performance Selling podcast, Brent talks about how to use a buyer success statement throughout the buyer journey to maintain focus on buyer goals and develop authentic communication with your buyer.