Value Plays and Personas​

In these brief interview excerpts, Brent Keltner talks with podcast hosts and revenue leaders about the plays from The Revenue Acceleration Playbook  and shares how successful revenue leaders have implemented these strategies to have more authentic conversations with buyers that uncover buyer value and drive growth.

There are typically six to eight buyers in any purchasing conversation. The highest momentum in your buyer and customer conversations comes from connecting all buyer personas to the same goal area, while offering impacts specific to each buyer.

Once you have identified your key value plays, it is important to link each value play to a specific buyer’s goals and pains. Starting with value plays makes it much more likely to bring a buying group into alignment on a purchase decision. Starting with buyer personas makes it harder to find this alignment and can lead to mid- to late-stage deal friction and drift.

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How do you get your go-to-market team to shift from selling products to selling business value? Listen in to Russell Jackson, VP of Growth Sales at NECI, discuss with Brent Keltner how Winalytics LLC has helped his team shift from selling products like boilers, valves, vents to selling business outcomes – the value-add we provide for our customers vs. just selling a product is what’s driving success.”

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Knowing your buyer personas is critical for matching value plays to what buyers care about. What is their role? What are their main concerns? In this conversation with noted business author David Meerman Scott, Brent discusses how to unlock the power of value plays by linking them with individual buyer personas to connect faster with the value that matters most to them.