Value Discovery Strategy

Most buyer discovery is shallow discovery. It never gets beyond high-level questions on goals and priorities. Value discovery, on the other hand, uses several levels of questions to help you and your buyer identify specific goals and targeted improvements.

Good value discovery takes the guesswork out of acquiring new customers and upselling existing customers. It lets buyers tell you exactly what they care about most and what will motivate them to purchase.

Three-Part Discovery WorksheetThree-Part Discovery Worksheet

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Buyer value discovery is the key to deal velocity.  Anchoring on your buyer’s value rather than your product makes sales conversations easier and more valuable. Listen to Tiffany O’Malley at Smart Action explain to Brent Keltner why “we have two ears and one mouth for a reason” and how good value discovery “almost always” leads her to a second call.

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Most discovery calls fall short of uncovering how you can deliver buyer value with your product or solution. How do you shift from shallow discovery to value discovery? In this excerpt from Collin Mitchell’s Sales Transformation podcast, Brent explains how to go deeper with three levels of value discovery aimed at answering: “What are you working on?”, “What’s your pain around that?” and “What’s the payoff to solving that problem?”