Three-Part Meetings

The best sales meetings have three parts. They start with discovery, further discovery, or confirmation on a buyer’s goal. Things change, new goals emerge, newl buyers join in

The second part of the meeting maps a product presentation to specific buyer goals. Buyers tune out on a generic product discussion. The third part of “the last 10 minutes” is used to confirm where they see the most value and, actions they will take to secure that value.

Teams that run three-part meetings convert deal at 35%-40% higher rate than other teams.

Three-Part Meeting ChecklistThree-Part Meeting Checklist

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How do you ensure you are making the most of your time with buyers? Too often sellers miss the opportunity to engage effectively with buyers by using discovery time simply as a lead-up to a generic demo. John Hope at Ready Education coaches his team to adhere to the three-part meeting structure. Listen as he explains how his team members tee up highly-targeted demos and move deals along faster using this approach.

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Sales can be a little like verbal combat, but committing to a three-part meeting structure can keep you focused and accelerate deal velocity.

In this excerpt from Jay Webb’s Over Quota podcast, Brent explains all three parts of the structure, and why adhering to it is one of the most valuable things you can do to keep focused on buyer value and keep deals moving forward.