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Raise the performance of your middle 60% performers by 20% or more

Skills coaching has been shown to raise sales, account management or customer success performance by 19% on average with much higher gains in the middle 60% of the team. However many revenue leaders struggle to find time for skills coaching and are unsure of the skills to focus their coaching efforts.

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Team Performance Plays in Practice

Coaching Authentic Email Follow-ups with Bobby Coy

Getting Incentives Right with Ben Robinson

Team Performance Insights

Revenue Leader Greg Carder, VP Sales, Tru Fit Corporation

Team-Based Learning to Sell Faster

How effectively do you use team-based learning to understand what your buyers value, so you can sell more and sell faster? “We use a weekly ‘test and improve’ session, “says Greg Carder, Vice President of Sales, North America at True Fit. In 2021, True Fit hit its annual sales number in the first few weeks of October — almost a quarter ahead of plan! Greg discusses three ways that their team-based learning helped to drive faster revenue with better sales positioning and sales execution. .

Josh Allen - Owl Labs

Recruiting for a Top Sales Team

What matters most in building a top sales team – recruiting or skills training? “Sales process, messaging and negotiation are skills that can be taught.  Curiosity, coachability and drive – those are more about how someone is wired as a human being and are very difficult to teach,” says Josh Allen, Chief Revenue Officer at Owl Labs. A strong process to recruit for intrinsic characteristics helped Owl Labs build a top sales team in 12 short months. .

Sample Team Performance Plays

Revenue leaders who focus on regular skills coaching and team-based  activities raise  team selling success by 20% or more.

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Team Performance

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“Our sales coaching had been inconsistent and ad hoc. Winalytics helped us build a consistent cadence of coaching across the sales organization from individual sellers to frontline managers to vertical leadership.”

Mark Guthrie, Vice President Lexmark Government Solutions

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