Team Performance

Build a formula to recruit, onboard and manage 

The typical sale team completely turns over every 3 to 4 years and the costs of replacing a seller are high.  Ad hoc seller recruiting, ineffective onboarding, and a loack of territory and compensation planning all contribute to unwanted turnover.

The best way to increase to build higher team stability is link recruiting and onboarding to the core skills required for effective playbook execution.

Winalytics Team Performance Playbook can reduce new sellers time to full productivity by 40% and raise existing seller performance by 20%+ by re-onboarding them into a higher performance playbook, territory and incentive comp model.

Playbook Tools

We help you raise team performance by more effectively identifying during the recruiting process the skills needed to be successful, creating a high impact onboarding, and making sure you have seller alignment with your territory and incentive comp model.

Core Skills Matrix


A core skills matrix is a set of the 10 to 15 most important skill areas need to source, progress and close deals and should guide seller recruiting and onboarding.

Seller Recruiting Rubric


A recruiting rubric creates consistency in evaluating candidates job experience, fit with your sales approach, and fit with your culture and can dramatically improve recruiting success.

30-Day On-boarding


A 30-day on-boarding covering all foundational skills in your selling system and introducing different voices improves seller retention and time to full performance.

90-Day Performance Trajectory


A 90-Day performance trajectory review against your pipeline success formula can help flag and remediate any new seller performance issues.

Sales Territory Plan


For early growth companies with small sales teams, co-developing a sales territory planning with sellers can build energy and sense of equity around performance gains.

Sales Compensation Planning


For early growth companies with small sales teams, sales compensation planning needs to be more holistic and be flexible for role, product, and account adjustments.