Talent Network

Winalytics has built a Talent Network of sellers trained in our best-in-class prospecting and sales methodology.  Anchored in our Sales Academy, this Network helps early- and mid- career sellers build skills to be more successful and allows our customers to source proven talent.

Sales Academy Opportunity

We seek talented graduates, stay-at-home parents and professionals in career transitions to work with us in a fractional role on client projects while being trained in a best-in-class sales and prospecting methodology.

Early experience in sales revenue production can build you career success in many ways by:

  • Putting you in the top 20% of wage earners immediately                                 
  • Moving you into the top 5% of wage earners within 5 years                                           
  • Sharpening the critical skill of selling yourself
  • Building the skills needed to be a CEO, VP-level or entrepreneurial leader

New World of Selling

A new world of selling requires skills to quickly engage very well-informed buyers in a value-added conversation, positioning impacts and differentiation, and effectively qualifying buying intent.  

Our Sales Academy builds skills to be a top revenue generator in this new environment, including

  • Engaging prospects around goals and challenges
  • Developing value-added conversations
  • Asking really good questions and then listening actively
  • Practicing patient persistence always                                             
  • Rigorously qualify buyer intent and readiness
  • Giving, receiving, and internalizing coaching
  • Committing to constantly raising your game

New Sales Value

We have identified a core set of values that lead to higher levels of performance in the new selling environment.  We encourage our employees, contractors, clients, and partners to commit to these values.

1) We have a Growth Mindset and value:

  • Curiosity 
  • Intentional questioning
  • Coachability 
  • Ability to quickly adapt

2) We rely on Evidence-Based Decisions and work to:

  • Lead with a clear process  
  • Use data to set goals and actions
  • Drive goal achievement through process  
  • Model consistency and repeatability

3) We are Performance Oriented and value:

  • A high drive for results   
  • A continual focus on outcomes
  • Identifying, repeating and sharing successes
  • Learning from failures   

4) We are Collaborative Leaders and work to:

  • Set clear goals  
  • Solicit multiple perspectives and inputs 
  • Synthesize inputs into next steps  
  • Work deliberately to meet team goals