Sales Personalization

87% of high-growth companies take a value-based approach to sales.

According to ValueSelling Associates, Inc., “87% of high-growth companies take a value-based approach to sales compared to 45% of negative-growth companies.” We help our clients in mastering and consistently executing value-based selling techniques. We use sales playbooks to personalize value in every buyer conversation. These are not scripts, they are frameworks that guide conversations to buyer value.

By focusing on personalizing value in step of the sales process, our clients are more successful. We offer Value-Based Sales Training for your team to develop the necessary skills to move away from Product-Driven selling and start creating Buyer-Value Driven strategies.


Sales Personalization Diagnostic

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Here are your keys to personalized value in every sales conversations

    • Personalized Prep & Value Discovery: Prep and start every call with discovery, rediscovery, or get quickly to what each buyer values most.
    • Personalized Storytelling: Sales personalization continues with personalized storytelling as evidence that you can help buyers with achieving their goals.
    • Securing Next Commitments: Sales personalization also means using the “last 10 minutes” of each call to prioritize value and buyer actions to secure that value.
    • Continuous Learning: Top sales teams use 1 hour a week of skills practice on playbooks to personalize at scale in every buyer conversation.  

Download this checklist to gauge your sales personalization readiness.

Our Services
How We Can Help

Core Processes and Skills Developed

  • Developing skills for personalizing at scale in each buyer conversation
  • Learning key values props, value props by ICP, and ICP messaging
  • Prepping and execution of a three-part, personalized sales meeting. 
  • Guiding the customer through value discovery to get to personal
  • Using personalized storytelling to speak to individual buyer value rather a product pitch
  • Establishing the next commitments to build momentum and qualifying deals
  • Personalizing follow-up sales emails, decks, and proposals

Sales Personalization Jumpstart

  • 10 weeks of consulting and coaching
  • Four to six weekly sessions session with sales, marketing and product marketing leadership
  • Buyer Personalization Playbooks with value props for your ICP buyer goals, roles, and market
  • Sales and Deal Velocity Playbooks from first discovery call to a Closed Won deal
  • Roll out Sales and Deal Velocity Playbooks to Sales Team
  • Conduct two (2) three (3) bi-weekly small group learnings to test playbooks
  • Capture learnings from the field to revise Personalization, Sales and Deal Velocity Playbooks

Sales Personalization Transformation

  • 7+ months of consulting and coaching, 30-day deliverables and termination option
  • All of the deliverables in the Sales Playbook Jumpstart
  • Weekly session with marketing and product marketing teams
  • On-going sales team enablement and skills coaching
    • Monthly team “learnings from the field” training sessions to introduce playbook elements, capture, share and iterate best practices
    • Bi-weekly small group peer skills coaching sessions
    • Bi-weekly sales leadership sync on playbook adoption and skills coaching

Value-Based Selling Training
Insights and Expertise

Running a Three-Part Meeting

In a noisy and competitive buyer environment, mastering the ability to prepare and run three-part meetings can substantially accelerate your deal velocity. Learn how to personalize each conversation to maximum value to your buyers and increase sales effectiveness.  If you dedicate just a small portion of your work week to preparing three-parts of each sales you will optimize your meeting results.




Securing Next Commitments

Securing next commitments in each sales meeting is your #1 driver of deal velocity.

Most methodology implementations failed for a simple reason. They focused on the seller, not the buyer’s journey.  To close more deals faster, use “the last 10 minutes” of every call to ask your buyers to take actions that move you both closer to a partnership…and a close!

Value-Based Selling Training
Sample Plays

Team Performance

Three-Part Meeting Checklist

Learn how to effectively prepare for a successful discovery call by breaking it down into distinct phases: value discovery, personalizing value, and securing next commitments and mutual next steps. By setting clear objectives for each phase, you can aim for specific outcomes and track your progress.

Team Performance

Three-Part Value Discovery

Most buyer discovery fails because it is shallow. It never gets beyond high-level questions on goals and priorities. Value discovery, on the other hand, uses several levels of questions to help you and your buyer identify exactly what they care about most and what will motivate them to purchase.

Team Performance

Buyer Success Statement

Deals with the highest velocity and close ratio anchor on a buyer success statement. Envisioning a more successful future different than the current state brings emotional energy into a sales conversation. The buyer’s success statement should be captured, refined and reiterated throughout the deal.

Success Story

“We were in the process of building a ‘cookbook’ to sharpen our sales conversations and scale our sales team. Winalytics brought dedicated focus and expertise to dramatically accelerate this process.”   

Mark Atkinson, CEO, Mursion