Sales to Success Process

Traditional department level activity measures are important, but it is crossteam measures that build deeper collaboration to keep the buyer at the center as they transition from marketing to sales to customer success.

Account velocity links the initial close to expansion closes and the 12-month value of an account. It encourages your sales and customer success teams to think broadly about customer value and goals.

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Ben Robinson at Zeel talks to Brent about his innovative approach to connecting sales and account management to support faster account expansion and higher enterprise deal values with a team selling approach. Ben revamped the comp formula to reward his team for any upsell deal closed within 12 months of an initial sale, even after the account has transitioned to an account manager. Average deal sizes almost doubled and they’re seeing better collaboration across teams.


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Brent and Steve Schmidt discuss creating hyper-personalized buyer personas and customer journeys, and strategies for connecting the sales and customer success organization. In particular, they discuss Ben Robinson’s initiative at Zeel to incentivize his sales team to uncover a whole host of buyer goals in discovery and develop a mutual success plan to land and expand, increasing the overall enterprise value. The real work starts when customer success starts.