Repeatable Selling

Increase 1st meeting to close won progression by 30% while reducing by 40% the time and cost of achieving broad initial team strength

Many early growth companies rely on an evangelical or individual selling model that hurts deal win rates, leads to high performance variation between sellers, and increases seller and sales leadership turnover as team members struggle to be successful.

Winalytics helps growth companies scale a repeatable selling model with:

  • Growth playbooks for 1st call execution, messaging tailoring, and deal momentum to closed won
  • Skills modeling and coaching to drive higher quality 1st meetings and faster deal progression
  • Segment KPIs & insights on the right mix of deals by market segments and buyer role to accelerate time to repeatable selling
  • Team growth planning with new seller recruiting and onboarding support as well as territory and compensation planning 

Weeks to Better Sales Execution

Winalytics work with team leads to better sales execution in weeks. In 90- to 120-days a repeatable sales plan will increase 1st meeting setting, deal progression and closed deals.

Value Pathways:

Identify your top buyer outcomes, ROI & a differentiated value prop

1st Meeting Playbook:

Qualify 1st meetings with critical goals, goal discovery, and a buying roadmap 

Tailoring Pathways:

Identify buyer value, outcomes, and ROI by market segment and buyer role

Deal Momentum to a Close:

Establish stakeholder priorities, know alternatives, build a ROI case

Segment insights:

Use segment KPIs to build a growth plan with the right mix of buyers

Skills Coaching Cadence:

Use playbooks and insights for skills coaching and team learning

Team growth plan:

Recruit and onboard the right sales and leadership talent while building a territory planning and comp strategy to maximize sales performance.

90 – 120 DAYS

Commit to a Repeatable Sales Growth Model.

Focus on a shared sales model across the team, continual segment/buyer tests, and continuous skills coaching.

Traditional Selling

Sales Model
Individual selling model
Ad-hoc deal sourcing

Skills Model
Skills training focus
Ad-hoc performance management

>12% 1st call to closed won
High seller turnover

Winalytics Selling

Sales Model
Shared selling model
Continuous segment/buyer tests

Skills Model
Continuous skills coaching
Consistent performance management

<16% 1st call to won deal
40% lower time to top team

Why Growth Leaders Love Winalytics

“Before Winalytics developed a repeatable sales model we had just one consistent producer. After Winalytics we had broad sales team strength which lead to more consistent sales production and revenue predictability.”

Mike Sweet

“We were in the process of building a sales ‘cookbook’ to scale our sales efforts and team. Winalytics brought dedicated focus and expertise to dramatically accelerate this process.”

Mark Atkinson

“Iron Tree leads the market for quality tree removal and maintenance services. Winalytics developed a sales playbook, scripts, and metrics that pushed the team to position our unique value.”

John Cahill
Director of Sales & Marketing