Reference Campaigns

Peer referencing is your easiest strategy to engage new buyers in any market. A referencing strategy draws on peer names, language, and the customer voice specific to a market segment to build familiarity and faster prospect engagement.

Most companies do not have a well-developed process to make peer referencing repeatable. You can start by partnering with your top customers in each segment. Use your top customers’ words, language, and specific use cases to make small adjustments so your messages really land with their peers.

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A lot of go-to-market teams use generic positioning across all their target markets. For buyers, this can feel, well…very generic! Beth and the team at Plus Delta have figured out they can grow much faster by capturing their customers’ voice – meaning they make small adjustments to words and language in their messaging – to ensure their product’s value prop really lands for new buyers in each target market segment.

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Brent and Lori Richardson discuss tapping an authentic prospecting approach to increase sales momentum by proving that win to the buyer every time – it’s less risky for the buyer and easier to build trust. Brent explains: Write down what you’ve already proven for your existing customers. Demonstrate what you’ve done for one buyer and sell that forward – by capturing the customer voice from one segment to another to build deal velocity.