Prospecting & Positioning

Lead with buyer challenges and peer references

Most companies are spending more on sales and marketing to achieve a worse result. IDC has found that B2B teams require 150% more leads to get the same number of 1st meetings and Salesforce has shown sellers have an over-reliance on low converting email outreach.

The quickest path to get to the more of the right 1st meetings is to shift prospecting messaging from “product pitching” to a focus on a prospect’s challenges while also committing to a cadence of email, vmail, and call outreach.

Winalytics Positioning & Prospecting Playbook increases quality 1st meetings an average of 45%+ from the same lead pool by focusing on an invitation into a value-added conversation on the challenges a prospect is trying to solve and key gaps to solving this challenge.

Playbook Tools

We help you actively test your unique value against different buyer types by measuring for key growth KPIs in the quality of prospecting campaigns and 1st call.  Establishing growth KPIs in a range of prospecting campaign is the quickest way to identify your best buyers who commit to and advance from a 1st meeting at the highest rate.

Value Pathways


A Value Pathway qualifies buyers around a known market challenge, discovery questions to establish purchasing intent, and spoken success cases to demonstrate buyer impacts.

Market Test Worksheet


A Market Test Worksheet, updated quarterly, creates a roadmap to best buyers by testing your Value Pathways for 1st call productivity in a range of market segments and buyer roles.

Agile Prospecting Campaigns


Agile prospecting campaigns accelerate 1st meetings while building your brand by inviting prospects into a value-added call in a 8-touch email, call, vmail cadence.

Smart Blast Campaigns


Smart blast campaigns allow you to qualify hundreds of prospects at once by transitioning into an agile campaign those prospects who engage with your value-added content.

Peer Referral Campaigns


Peer referrals campaigns are the single highest conversion type of outreach and can be organized around direct relationships, LinkedIn connections, or segment footprints.

Prospecting and Market Fit KPIs


Best buyer identification comes out of actively measuring your prospecting campaigns for contact to 1st meeting conversion and 1st to 2nd meeting progression.