Revolutionizing Revenue: How BESLER’s Strategic Sales Transformation Led to its Best Sales Year in a Decade

“Once you have the foundation of a shared sales playbook, now your work on deal strategy gets a lot more pinpointed. Each deal is a little bit different, but if you have built strong skills around your foundational plays, your team has the fluency to rapidly adjust.”

Damian Jones

Senior Director of Sales and Account Management, BESLER

Engagement Highlights

  • Supported the achievement of the top sales year over the last decade
  • Realized a 35% increase year-over-year increase in new sales revenue 12 months after engagement, with the average contract value and pipeline doubling
  • Developed a consultative selling process and playbooks that empowered the sales team to engage in strategic, value-based conversations that were tailored to each client 
  • Implemented playbook-based training to equip the sales team with essential skills and knowledge, enabling them to focus on high-level strategizing, deal discovery, and negotiation
  • Achieved deeper deal strategy and coaching effectiveness by building a strong foundation, allowing more precise and targeted deal strategies tailored to each unique scenario


BESLER, a company at the forefront of hospital revenue integrity and reimbursement solutions, was facing its own revenue challenges. Their net new logo acquisition had stagnated and consequently a once promising growth trajectory had stalled.

The existing sales team struggled to implement a consultative selling process, resulting in account managers being unable to make progress with their accounts. Moreover, the sales team lacked fluency in the company’s products and services.

The Vice President of Strategic Growth, who oversaw both sales and marketing, recognized the need to invest in sales transformation efforts as well as focusing on recruiting and onboarding new sales talent.


To address these sales issues, BESLER engaged Winalytics and hired a new sales team and a new sales leader who would bring fresh perspectives and expertise to support sales transformation. They worked to develop a consultative selling process that emphasized a strategic and value-based approach. The goal was to build a talented sales team capable of adapting to various situations and leveraging different tools to meet client-specific needs.

Damian Jones, Senior Director of Sales and Account Management at BESLER, explains: “We built that into our structure and our foundation of what we were already doing… We can play with all those different tools that we’ve learned. But it all fits right into that initial structure and foundation developed with Winalytics that we’ve built off of.”

BESLER’s strategic decision to hire a new sales team and bring in a new sales leader injected fresh perspectives and expertise into the organization, setting the stage for three key shifts toward transformative change.

  1. Consultative Sales Process and Playbooks. With the new sales leader and Winalytics, BESLER embarked on developing a robust consultative selling process. This process was designed to empower the sales team to engage in more strategic, value-based conversations with potential clients. The focus was on understanding the specific needs and pain points of each client and tailoring solutions to address them effectively.

The shared playbooks provide the sales team with a foundation within which they could operate, allowing them to adapt and customize their approach based on the unique needs of each client. They were empowered to employ their own styles, vision, and intuition while still adhering to the overarching structure and process.

  1. Playbook-Based Training. The sales team underwent comprehensive training, acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. They became well-versed in the consultative selling approach, understanding how to leverage it to deliver maximum value to clients.

Training on the playbooks enabled the sales team to be more strategic in their approach. They could focus on higher-level strategizing, delving into deal strategy, discovery, and negotiation, rather than getting bogged down in traditional sales methodologies.

  1. Deeper Deal Strategy & Deal Coaching. “For me, it’s a lot easier to talk about strategy when you don’t have to go back to basics,” Damian explains. “You can go on this in our process. We can do this. And this is what we’ll strategize around.”

As a result of these concerted efforts, the sales team’s capabilities improved significantly. They became situationally fluent, adept at navigating different scenarios, and applying the appropriate tools and strategies for each client. This situational fluency allowed them to provide personalized and tailored solutions that resonated with potential buyers.

“It’s about the buyer’s journey,” Damian says. “And if we’re going to be successful, we have to focus on the buyer, not on what we can do, but what they need.”


Damian says: “Once you have those foundations, now your work on deal strategy, that deal strategy coaching gets a lot more pinpointed. Each deal is a little bit different, and the sequence might be different, but they’re strong in each of those areas.”

The impact of the sales team’s transformation was evident in the company’s financial performance. “It’s that foundation that’s laid. We have all these tools that go in. Even if they do forget something, we can put these things on it and confirm if that’s where our clients are at,” Damian says. 

In 2021, they saw a significant increase in new revenue, with a 35% growth compared to the previous year. Furthermore, the company was on track to achieve its highest revenue year in a decade in 2022. The average contract value doubled, and the pipeline doubled, showcasing the effectiveness of the new sales strategy and the improved performance of the sales team.