Aligning to Segment Value: Plus Delta’s Versions its Value Prop by Segment to Achieve 40% Growth for 5 years.

“Winalytics helped us to move from initial market success with elite liberal arts and Jesuit universities to broader success with research universities and medical fundraising teams through disciplined deal testing that made it possible to align our sales messaging and execution to these new market segments.”

Guy Hart

President & CEO, Plus Delta Partners

Engagement Highlights

  • 40%+ consistent year-on-year revenue growth for more than five years
  • Diversified from 10 clients in one core market to ~150 customers in three core markets with ROI outcomes and success stories in each segment
  • Use disciplined deal testing to version a sales process, market positioning, and sales execution for three customer segments


Plus Delta Partners is a leading provider of professional development services to fundraisers in the higher education, non-profit, and medical fundraising spaces. Plus Delta engaged Winalytics early in its development of the market for a new approach to fundraiser skill development focused on longitudinal and repeatable skills investment rather than point-in-time training sessions.  The company had a strong group of clients and proven ROI proof points, but all the clients were within a single segment of higher education for mid-size private colleges and universities. Plus Delta desired to grow significantly, but needed to build a sales process and positioning strategy that could accelerate market entry and growth into new market segments.


The initial focus of the Winalytics engagement included a three-part strategy: 1) developing an outreach strategy to cultivate new leads, 2) a sales messaging framework for consistently engaging prospects around the company’s value, and 3) a sales process for effectively qualifying and progressing prospects. This approach was flexible enough to take the core product into several new adjacent segments in the higher education sector including research-intensive universities, flagship publics, and academic medical centers. The last phase of the engagement was researching and publishing targeted ROI cases and success cases by segment.


Plus Delta is Winalytics’ longest-standing customer and the results of the engagement over more than five years has been significant.  Winalytics has helped Plus Delta maintain better than a 35% growth rate for five years running and has dramatically expanded the company’s footprint from small private colleges and universities to being the leading provider of professional development services in all segments of higher education and medical fundraising.