Programmatic Prospecting

The best prospecting playbooks treat each prospecting campaign as an opportunity for persona-message testing. Each campaign provides evidence on the messages and tactics most likely to engage each buyer persona.

Your campaign tests can focus on a variety of A/B tests. Tests can include identifying the right value message by persona, subject lines, content assets, email length, touch types, or writing level.

Teams that commit to programmatic prospecting on average increase their prospecting productivity, or the number of meetings from the same pool of leads, by 40% to 45%.

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Brent and Christina Yu of NovoEd discuss prospecting as a way of gathering market intelligence and getting smarter about your value prop. Christina explains how her sales development reps (SDRs) use marketing campaigns to test value messages and tracking how each campaign is working. SDRs use their calls to test specific messages for engagement, leading to a 65% increase in discovery calls and sales-qualified opportunities from the same lead pool over six months.

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Brent and Kushal Saini Kakkar on the On The Flip Side podcast take a look at what exactly programmatic prospecting is, and discuss developing and testing multiple campaigns to uncover the values of your target buyer personas. By building multiple test campaigns, you can discover where you can win quickly. It’s not just about getting a meeting, but getting a good meeting – ultimately with higher-level decision makers.