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Grow Revenue Faster by Making the Shift from product-driven selling to authentic conversations

The single fastest way to accelerate your revenue is to shift from product-driven selling to authentic conversations focused on buyer-defined success.

  • Your challenge is that most training and enablement is stuck in an old product-driven model. The even bigger challenge is changing the product-driven mindset.
  • Your solution is The Revenue Acceleration Playbook Masterclass with sales and marketing expert Brent Keltner.

The Revenue Acceleration Playbook Masterclass

In 8 weeks, help your sales and go-to-market team start to build the mindset and skills needed to succeed in the new buyer environment.

  • Weeks 1 to 3: Read the book and learn about a new approach through 20+ successful company stories.
  • Week 4: All-GTM team kick-off and receive self-reflection questions and mindset self-assessment.
  • Weeks 5 to 7: Collaborative sessions with prospecting, sales and customer success on the shared journey to a new mindset.
  • Week 8: All-GTM team presentation and discussion.

Praise for The Revenue Acceleration Playbook

The Revenue Acceleration Playbook Masterclass

About the Author

When I started my career as a revenue leader, after 10 years as an academic at Stanford and the RAND Corporation, I turned to my friends in business for help. I needed to find resources on go-to-market strategy, market positioning, and sales execution. The resources they shared were all about the product – positioning, pricing, promoting and selling a product or service. I remember thinking – “This product-oriented selling really does not work for me. What about the customer and what they care most about?” So, I went back to how I as an academic led qualitative interviews with business leaders – always start with what is in it for them, always recap and speak to their areas of value, always confirm next steps. In applying these simple principle to revenue leadership, I invented the authentic buyer journey and a created a better approach to growth.