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Increase account value by 20%+ while raising target market segment growth by 65%

Many companies focus customer success on renewals and incremental upsell, but do not use customer success as a strategic growth driver. Customer success is the best position to identify account deepening opportunities and build a “buyer voice by segment” to drive customer acquisition in key target markets.

Land & Expand

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Value-Driven Negotiations with Deric Peterson

Anchoring Authentic Account Expansion on Customer Value with Carrie Straub

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Mutual Success Plans

Mutual Success Plans: Land and Expand Faster

In the current noisy, competitive market environment with very busy buyers, sales teams need to shift from a focus on individual sales transactions to a focus on continuously deepening and expanding value across a series of connected conversations. The best tool to balance urgency in landing an initial sale with keeping open later upsell opportunities is the Mutual Success Plan.  A good mutual success plan keeps three key parties – customers, sales and customer success teams – aligned on linking revenue to buyer value.

Playbook: Prospecting is hard work

Land with Your Endgame in Mind

To do prospecting right, you must build a prospecting narrative that connects landing the first deal to account expansion. “Land with your endgame in mind” is how Ro Saccone, Chief Marketing Officer at Planet, put it in a recent call I had with her. Most teams think of prospecting campaigns as independent activities.  They often do not connect individual campaigns to the broader business goals that can link a first deal to on-going expansion opportunities. Here are three practices you can adopt to build prospecting narratives into playbooks that accelerate landing and expanding. .

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Sales and customer teams who align around prioritized buyer goals land and expand faster, and increase account value by 20% or more.

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Land and Expand

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“You can’t eat a whole elephant in one bite. 

Winalytics helped us develop an intentional ‘land and expand’ strategy to close on immediate problems without losing sight of expansion opportunities.”

Ellen Mayes, Vice President of Institutional Partnerships, Burning Glass Technologies

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