Hubspot Playbooks

Reach your top revenue potential with playbooks and guided conversations in HubSpot.

Top go-to-market teams use shared playbooks, guided workflows and continuous learning to grow faster and align the entire buyer to customer journey.

Go-To-Market Playbooks


Build one source of truth for team messaging with HubSpot playbooks.

  • Prospecting playbooks
  • Discovery playbooks
  • Deal velocity playbooks
  • Closing & expansion playbook
  • Pipeline progression playbook

Guided Conversations


Engage each buyer in the right sales conversation at the right time.

  • Tailor messaging and content for each conversation
  • Right discovery
  • Right follow up email
  • Right sales deck
  • Right expansion plays

Team-Based Learning


Regularly capture, update and share best discovery and messaging practices.

  • Monthly learning sessions rotate through playbooks
  • Sales, SDR, success teams or mixed team session
  • Regular playbook refresh and GTM strategy innovation

1-on-1 Skills Coaching


Build faster revenue growth with professional a coaching.

  • Objective, 3rd party “force multiples” frontline manager
  • New team members reach top performance 40% faster
  • Middle performers have 15%-20% average gains

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