Growth Pathways

Tailor to segments and personas to build deal acceleration

Most companies are spending more on sales and marketing to achieve a worse result because they are not tailoring their investments to needs of specific market segments and buyers.

Winalytics Growth Pathways Modules builds deal acceleration and capital efficient revenue growth by versioning your playbook to the needs of specific market segments and buyer persons.

Modules, Goals, and Structure

  • 3 month module to build sales momentum with deeper tailoring
  • Weekly/bi-weekly team workshops used to version playbook for specific market segments and buyer personas
  • Weekly joint calls and indvidual coaching used to optimize playbook, drive deals, and deepen individual seller tailoring skills

Month 1

Tailor to Buyer Segments


Organize buyers around peers to support familiarity

Tailor to Buyer Personas/Roles


Identify goals, activities, and value drivers for all buyer roles.

Month 2

Activate Prospects Around Value


Ask prospects to confirm value of capabilities and impacts

Tailor Success Cases by Segment


Use success cases most relevant by segment and persona

Month 3

Prioritize Buyer Payoffs


Confirm value drivers at each level of the buyer organization

Price in the Context of Value


Confirm value and impact and then discuss pricing options