Growth Software

Prospecting Narrative

Shifting prospecting messaging from a focus on your product or company story to inviting your buyer into a value-added conversation on their challenges can dramatically raise your 1st meeting productivity.  Committing to a 8- to 10-touch cadence of call, email, vmails will also drive prospecting productivity.  We make both easy with a Prospecting Narrative workflow that structures outreach messaging and cadence.

Prospecting Cadence

XANT (formerly InsideSales) has found that maximum meetings come at 6 or more touches, but the average seller follows up 1.4 times on a lead.  Our Prospecting Cadence workflow encourages 8+ touches with easy tracking of prospecting touches and the resulting outcomes.

Prospecting Test & Outcomes

Prospecting campaigns are often measured by “opens” or “clicks” but the most meaningful buyer engagement measure is committing to a meeting.   Our Prospecting Cadence workflow makes it easy to track and test the impact of prospecting on 1st and 2nd meeting success rates.

Shared Messaging

As sales and marketing teams grow and buyer markets evolve, our messaging can become disjointed.   Our Playbook workflows makes it easy to keep everyone “on message” with your best messaging scripts and talk tracks all in one place for everyone to access.  Our Playbook workflows also make it possible to dynamically version, revise, and distribute new messaging in real-time.

Dynamic Messaging Tailoring

Prospects in different buyer roles, market segments, and phases of the buyer journey engage with different types outcome and impact messaging.   Our Playbook workflow organizes your messaging assets so they can be dynamically searched to find exactly the right messaging for each buyer conversation. 

Dynamic Skills Development

Aberdeen Research has found that the top performing teams are highly active in identifying and socializing high impact sales practices.    Our Forum workflow allows team members to collaborate in finding and sharing your best messaging tools and assets for each buyer conversation.