From Product to Buyer Value

In these brief interview excerpts, Brent Keltner talks with podcast hosts and revenue leaders about the plays from The Revenue Acceleration Playbook  and shares how successful revenue leaders have implemented these strategies to have more authentic conversations with buyers that uncover buyer value and drive growth.

Rather than focus on your product, help your buyers understand how your product helps them be more successful. Your buyers have access to almost unlimited information about you, your products, and your competitors. They don’t want more product information. They want to see a path to a brighter, more successful future.
Help your buyers understand how your product can help them to increase revenue, reduce costs, fully utilizing staff or capital resources, reduce risks, or change a key process or experience.

Old vs New Buyer JourneyOld vs. New Buyer Journey

Sample the Play

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When introducing your product to a buyer, do you focus on your product or how it solves your buyer’s problems? Listen to Greg Carder of True Fit discuss with Brent how he shifted his team to focus on buyer outcomes. Now instead of leading with the innovative nature of True Fit’s retail shopping technology, his team leads with business outcomes like converting more browsers to buyers and reducing returns.

Hear how this Play helps build revenue velocity

What does focusing on buyer value or value-based selling actually mean? It means presenting your product or service in terms of the value it creates for your buyer. Listen to  Jay Webb, host of the Over Quota podcast, talk to Brent Keltner about how Mursion and True Fit developed value playbooks to better qualify alignment between their products and their buyer’s business value.