Decision Roadmap

Use the “last 10 minutes” of each sales conversation should focus on intentionally on letting the buyer confirm where they see value in your partnership. Don’t focus on closing before direct confirmation on fit.

Once you confirm fit, then aligning with questions on decision-making, funding, timeline and competition make good sense.
If your sales and account management teams do not consistently ask buyers to confirm perceived value, they will waste a lot of time chasing unqualified deals.

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Listen as Brent talks to Steve Trabucco, Account Manager at BESLER, a provider of revenue management solutions for hospitals. We focused on strategically using the “Last 10 Minutes” to confirm your buyer’s decision process and next steps. We call it the decision roadmap play. Steve’s team refers to it as the closing checklist.

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How do you use the last ten minutes of every sales call most effectively? Build the decision roadmap with your buyer. In this excerpt from Walker McKay’s No BS Sales School podcast, Brent explains how confirming next actions and building a decision roadmap with a buyer is always worth the time and how he coaches sales teams to reserve the last ten minutes of every sales call to do this.