Engagement Highlights

  • 55% growth in quarterly sales bookings after six months
  • Discovery call conversion rates went from 18% to 36%
  • Successful sale of company to strategic acquirer at investors’ target price



CollegiateLink was a first mover in breaking the market for a student involvement and co-curricular software solution sold to colleges and universities to allow students to better document learning outside the classroom. The company had an early mover position but not a high enough price point or large enough addressable market to be successful as a standalone product.

The company needed a strategic acquirer that could integrate it into a larger solution set.  To attract a strategic acquirer at the full value expected by its investors CollegiateLink needed to dramatically shift its sales trajectory.


The company’s board chair hired Winalytics to optimize its sales efforts and specifically to focus on quicker penetration of its target market and achieving a higher average deal value. The company had a healthy lead flow, but was converting less than 20% of initial calls to closed won deals. Winalytics built a more disciplined sales process to increase discovery call conversion rates and a sales script to surface opportunities for product bundling.


The Winalytics engagement was effective in shifting CollegiateLink’s sales trajectory. Within two quarters, sales bookings had grown by 55% based on doubling discovery call to closed won conversion rates and increasing average contract value. By dramatically improving the company’s sales performance in a short period of time, Winalytics positioned CollegiateLink for an exit that achieved the valuation required by investors.