Authentic Prospecting Campaigns

Your buyers are much more likely to commit to a first call if they believe they will learn something of value about their goals and challenges. The last thing your buyers want is to sit through a product pitch. Anchor on buyer empathy and an understanding of your buyer’s world is key.

Authentic campaigns tell a story about buyer goal achievement. The first touches describe a common buyer goal or challenge. Later, touches share evidence of how you have helped peers with that goal and then invite a conversation.

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Brent and Jason Pasquale discuss taking a very personalized approach to your prospecting outreach and shifting your mindset from product focus to your buyer’s key objectives. Authentic prospecting anchors on individual buyer goals and sharing social proof with peer examples. For Jason, this has resulted in consistently getting more high quality meetings every month. And, prospects are coming to meetings with a better understanding of the company’s value prop.

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It’s not about you; it’s about your buyer and their why, focusing on that individual’s needs and goals. Brent and Lori Richardson talk about how authentic prospecting equates to success in sales. Brent provides an example of how one client moved from focusing on product-pitch marketing campaigns – and being a running joke in the industry – to success with prospecting campaigns that uncover specific pain points and provide customer success stories.