Authentic Account Plans Deck

A traditional account plan considers a buyer’s goals as one of several elements to identify expansion opportunities. In an authentic account plan, by contrast, the buyer’s goals anchor all other elements.

Sometimes the pull of a big commission can lead salespeople to try to engineer a big sale right away. Large expansion sales, however, typically only work if you do the legwork of confirming goal fit and alignment with multiple individual buyers.

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Traditional account plans often lose a focus on customer value to industry analysis, competitive positioning, and relationship mapping. But Carrie Straub of Mursion argues that authentic account plans really start at the initial contract signing. Close on the area of highest urgency while co-developing the Phase 2 expansion plan. For Carrie’s customers, that demonstrated customer value comes in the form of Return on Objective or ROO.

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John Golden and Brent talk about leveraging value playbooks to land and expand key accounts faster. Value playbooks connect your product to the business value it creates for you buyers. The first step in key account planning is to build a platform value positioning that captures the value you are providing for each individual buyer persona. The handoff from closing to expansion then becomes a continuous process of deepening account value by connecting business value across personas.