Standing out is simpler than you think. By creating a website that allows buyers to see themselves in your offerings and empowers them to find solutions independently, you can significantly boost your growth.

In the first in our new series on Personalization Practices, we explore Allego’s commitment to deep website personalization and its impact on their success.

Founded in 2013, Allego offered a suite of sales enablement solutions. Unlike many B2B websites that focus on company achievements and product features, Allego’s website prioritizes the buyer’s perspective. It addresses the essential questions: “Why should I care?” and “What’s in it for me?”

This commitment to personalization has fueled Allego’s sustained revenue growth. It has also supported their expansion beyond sales enablement into software sales leadership, sales training, marketing, and learning & development.

Allego’s success is further validated by their recognition as the #1 Sales Enablement Platform on G2.

Three Pillars of Effective Personalization

Allego’s deep website personalization rests on three key practices:

  1. One-Click Experience: Allego’s website is designed to deliver content personalized to a buyer’s goals, roles, and market segments in just one click.

  2. Personalized Content Journey: Content across the buyer journey is tailored to individual needs.

  3. Self-Solutioning Content: Content empowers buyers to take action independently.

Finding Solutions in One Click

Allego’s website allows buyers to access personalized content with a single click. Multi-column layouts simplify navigation, with individual pages dedicated to key personalization categories under the “Solutions” tab. These categories include:

  • By Role: Sales Leadership, Sales Training, Sales Enablement, Marketing, and Learning & Development
  • By Industry: All Industries, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Technology, and Transportation
  • By Objective: Manage Content & Messaging, Launch Products & Processes, Activate Channel Sellers, Onboard & Train Sellers, Coach & Create Top Performers, Collaborate Digitally, Prospect & Sell Digitally, Create Digital Buyer Experiences, Capture Conversation Intelligence

Telling Stories of Personal Value

Making content easily accessible through one-click navigation is just the first step. The next step is crafting compelling stories that resonate with each buyer’s unique needs.

Your website is the hub of your demand generation efforts, attracting direct traffic and serving as the landing point for all your digital marketing campaigns. Each personalized webpage should guide buyers towards the information and content most relevant to them.

For example, Allego’s webpage for the Sales Enablement Role features targeted messaging and content throughout the buyer journey:

  • Top of Funnel Engagement: Engaging headlines (e.g., “Maximizing Revenue per Rep”), short testimonial snippets, and problem-solution stories (e.g., “Onboard Faster and More Effectively”) capture attention.

  • Middle of Funnel Solutioning: Links to detailed customer stories showcasing solutions, a sales enablement toolkit and checklist, and a best practices webinar on mastering virtual selling provide valuable resources.

  • Bottom of Funnel Conversion: Content demonstrating expertise and encouraging conversion includes an ebook offering a complete guide to sales enablement ROI and an industry report on sales enablement technology. This approach keeps the page concise while effectively showcasing the value proposition and leveraging social proof through customer stories.

Empowering Buyers to Take Action

Many marketing and sales teams struggle with low conversion rates, from marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to sales qualified leads (SQLs), and from SQLs to second buyer calls.

A key reason for this is that most websites simply provide information. To bridge this gap, Allego utilizes self-solutioning content that guides buyers through their journey.

This type of content allows buyers to independently assess the relevance of your products or solutions to their specific needs. Allego offers a variety of self-solutioning content types tailored to each buyer’s role or objective, including:

  • Checklists: Self-assessment checklists based on best practices help buyers identify relevant solutions.

  • Toolkits: Easily accessible toolkits allow potential buyers to experiment with Allego’s offerings, demonstrating the product’s value proposition.

  • Benchmark Data: Opportunities for diagnostic assessments empower buyers actively seeking solutions.

Research by Gartner, McKinsey, and Forrester demonstrates that companies that personalize value across the buyer journey achieve double the growth rate of their peers. Allego’s website personalization strategy exemplifies this principle. By prioritizing the buyer’s experience and empowering them to find solutions independently, you can significantly enhance your website’s effectiveness and drive growth.